Natural Skin & Beauty

Here you will find natural skin care and beauty products, DIY natural skincare recipes and natural skin and beauty tips that will help keep your skin youthful and beautiful.

Natural Skin & Beauty

There are so many harsh and toxic ingredients found in most of the skin and beauty products out there on the market. These toxic substances can wreck a lot of havoc to our bodies and health. This is why using natural products on our skin is very important.

I know that not everyone can or will be willing to make their own skin and beauty products. However, if you can’t make yours for any reason, please ensure that you choose brands that contain 100% natural ingredients.

I can make body butters and other recipes that require with 3-4 ingredients… I am still learning! However, I have a very good friend who makes the complicated recipes for me. So if you are not there yet, don’t worry, we are all learning!

And you can start with the simple ones just like I did.

March 12, 2014
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