Natural Skin & Beauty

Here you will find natural skin care and beauty products, DIY natural skincare recipes and natural skin and beauty tips that will help keep your skin youthful and beautiful.

Natural Skin & Beauty

There are so many harsh and toxic ingredients found in most of the skin and beauty products out there on the market. These toxic substances can wreck a lot of havoc to our bodies and health. This is why using natural products on our skin is very important.

I know that not everyone can or will be willing to make their own skin and beauty products. However, if you can’t make yours for any reason, please ensure that you choose brands that contain 100% natural ingredients.

I can make body butters and other recipes that require only 3-4 ingredients… I am still learning! However, I have a very good friend who makes the complicated recipes for me. So if you are not there yet, don’t worry, we are all learning!

And you can start with the simple ones just like I did.

April 14, 2021

DIY Clove Orange Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub

Homemade Clove Orange Cinnamon Sugar Scrub Recipe! There is nothing like the smell of sweet orange with clove and a touch of cinnamon, especially when mixed with brown sugar! Not only does this essential oil blend with sugar smell great, […]
April 10, 2021

Easy Homemade Deodorant for Men and Women

Easy Homemade Deodorant Recipe for Men and Women – including DIY Essential Oil Blends! Learn how to make an easy, effective, natural deodorant at home with this easy to follow DIY recipe. If you are trying to stay away from […]
March 29, 2021

DIY Kaolin Clay Face Mask for Dry or Mature Skin

Kaolin Clay Face Mask for Dry or Mature Skin DIY Recipe! This easy light kaolin clay face mask DIY recipe is great for dry, sensitive or aging skin types. It helps to gently exfoliate the skin and brightens it while […]
March 21, 2021

DIY Naturally Tinted Moisturizing Lip Gloss

How to Make a Naturally Tinted Moisturizing Lip Gloss for a Natural Shine to Tint and Moisten Dry Lips! Lip balms and glosses are the #1 essential insert to my purse, my computer bag, my makeup bag, etc. I cannot […]
March 7, 2021

DIY Mature Skin Care Recipes

Mature Skin Oils and Recipes to Make Your Aging Skin Nourished and Gorgeous! Having a great skin care routine is vital to mature skin. These are my favorite anti aging recipes and best mature skin essential and carrier oils. They […]
February 26, 2021

DIY Uplifting Bath Salts Recipe

DIY Uplifting Bath Salts Recipe with Sea Salt and Essential Oils! Feeling the winter blues? Need a break? You will find this uplifting and stress reducing DIY bath salts recipe very helpful! The holidays are over, and now it’s a […]
February 19, 2021

Easy DIY Foaming Sugar Body Wash Recipe

DIY Foaming Sugar Body Wash Recipe with Essential Oils that is Great for Dry, Mature Skin! Easy foaming sugar body wash recipe with essential oils. This easy recipe is extra moisturizing with Dr. Bronner’s Organic Sugar Soap. Winter. I don’t […]
February 5, 2021

Homemade Whipped Body Mousse Recipe

An Easy to Make Moisturizing Homemade Whipped Body Mousse Recipe that is Great for Dry Skin! If you are looking to make an easy whipped mousse-like moisturizing body butter, then you will find this homemade whipped body mousse recipe very […]
March 25, 2020

9 Easy Spa Day at Home Ideas

Simple Spa Day at Home Ideas for Skin Pampering and Relaxation! Experience a mini retreat in the comfort of your home with these spa day at home ideas. You don’t have to go to a fancy spa to pamper your […]