Essential Oils

Here you will find different essential oils, essential oil blends, essential oil DIY recipes, diffusers, aromatherapy accessories and essential oil tips.

Essential Oils for Health

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds derived from different plant parts (seeds, roots, stems leaves and barks).

These aromatic compounds are very potent and fragrant and can be used to maintain healthy body and mind among other uses.

You can use essential oil for different health issues as well as for beauty purposes. There are essential oils for virtually everything!

There are essential oils for pain, inflammation, common cold, bruises, infections and many more.

They are also used for making salves, skin creams, soaps, scrubs, perfumes, natural cleansers and disinfectants as well as bug and insect repellers.

Using essential oil may feel intimating to first timers, but trust me you will love it when you learn how to use them correctly.

You can even start with already made essential oil blends if you are not confident enough to make your own blends.

February 25, 2024

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