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Homemade pumpkin face mask for all skin types
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Homemade Pumpkin Face Mask Recipe for All Skin Types!

This pumpkin face mask recipe is great for most skin types. With only four ingredients, it’s easy and inexpensive to make, and it exfoliates, hydrates, and moisturizes for brighter looking skin.

DIY pumpkin face mask recipe

You probably can’t scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed without seeing pumpkin everything. From coffee to desserts, pumpkins are everywhere. But are they in your skincare routine? If not, then they should be.

This pumpkin face mask recipe is an easy and inexpensive at-home enzyme treatment for your skin. It exfoliates naturally for brighter looking skin.

It’s also packed with vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin while it hydrates. Pumpkin masks are my favorite face masks, and I use them all year and not just in the fall.

So stock up on pumpkin puree while it’s still in the stores to make this mask all year long for pumpkin face mask benefits.

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Pumpkin Face Mask Recipe

There are many pumpkin face mask benefits. If you walk down the aisles of the beauty stores in the fall, you’ll find several face masks with pumpkin.

These masks are filled with pumpkin and other ingredients that promise better looking skin. But, they are also full of preservatives and other ingredients that you may not want on your skin.

These masks are often expensive. Most containers of pumpkin mask are in the $15 to $20 range, but some are up to $50 or more for a few uses.

With just a few common ingredients, you can make your own face mask with pumpkin puree. You can control the ingredients, so you know that there are no preservatives or other questionable ingredients in this mask.

This pumpkin face mask recipe costs less than $1 per use, so it’s considerably cheaper than buying a mask at the store.

Ingredients Used in this Pumpkin Face Mask Recipe

Homemade pumpkin facial mask ingredients

Pumpkin Puree

Pumpkin is a wonderful face mask ingredient for most skin types. It’s easy to get, inexpensive, and it’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that your skin loves.

Pumpkin face mask benefits include hydration, moisturizing, and exfoliating.

Pumpkin naturally contains alpha hydroxy acids. These acids promote cellular turnover, so your skin will look smoother and brighter after using this mask.

The AHAs in pumpkin make this a mild chemical peel, and you can do it at home without the cost or redness of a professional peel.

Pumpkin also contains vitamins A and C to soothe your skin. Both of these vitamins help prevent the signs of aging and boost collagen production to lessen the appearance of fine lines.

It also has vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant to protect the skin from sun damage.

Pumpkin puree has small molecules, so they penetrate deeper into the skin. This helps get the vitamins and minerals from the mask deep into your skin for maximum benefit.

I recommend buying organic pumpkin puree since the pesticides could reach the inside of the pumpkin. Also, make sure you are buying pure pumpkin puree and not pumpkin pie filling.

Raw Honey

I used raw honey for my DIY pumpkin face mask recipe because, raw honey is filtered, but it’s not heated.

Heating destroys some of the natural nutrients in honey. Raw honey can also contain some bee pollen, which is high in antioxidants for your skin.

Honey naturally moisturizes your skin without making it oily. It’s great for dry, normal, or oily skin, so I like adding it to my masks since it works for most skin types.

Honey is naturally antibacterial. It can help kill the bacteria that can cause acne. With repeated use, applying honey topically can help reduce acne blemishes and clear out pores.

Like pumpkin, honey also naturally exfoliates. It has enzymes that remove the top layer of skin. It’s not as powerful as pumpkin, but it does help remove dead skin cells for brighter looking skin.

How to make a pumpkin facial mask


Both the egg white and the egg yolk can help your skin in this pumpkin face mask recipe. The albumin in the egg white is a protein that helps tighten pores and removes excess oil for those with oily skin.

The yolks are high in fatty acids to moisturize the skin. Adding egg helps boost the pumpkin face mask benefits for brighter and tighter looking skin.

Essential Oils

I used lavender essential oil in this recipe. I use lavender often in face masks and other skin care recipes because it has so many benefits for the skin.

It can also be used by most skin types, including dry and oily.

Lavender is naturally antibacterial, so it can help reduce acne blemishes. It also moisturizes the skin for smoother feeling skin.

Lavender is naturally anti-inflammatory, so it can help your skin if you have acne blemishes or even acne scarring.

Lavender is also said to help heal scars and blemishes. You won’t see results from just one or two masks, but over time, scars can become less noticeable.

You could also use frankincense, roman chamomile, or tea tree oil essential oils in this recipe.


Safety First When Using Essential Oils


If you have never used a certain essential oil it is important to do a skin patch test prior to topically using! See my sections on topical use and other essential oil safety concerns:


How to DIY Pumpkin Face Mask

Pumpkin facial scrub diy recipe



Beat the egg in a small bowl. Add the pumpkin puree and mix well.

Add the honey and essential oil and stir well.

Use your fingers or a brush to apply the pumpkin face mask recipe all over your face. Let sit for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing.

Leftovers can be stored in the fridge for two to three days.

This mask is an exfoliating mask, so it should be used once a week. Using it more often can irritate your skin.

If you like to use two masks a week, alternate this one with one that doesn’t contain hydroxy acids, charcoal, or clay to avoid redness and irritation.

I make a pumpkin facial often. I don’t want to waste an entire can of pumpkin to make one mask, so I spoon the leftover pumpkin puree into ice cube trays and freeze it.

Once it’s frozen, you can move them to a freezer container or bag for storage.

You can also freeze this pumpkin facial mask recipe in the same way. The pumpkin, egg, honey, and even the essential oil can be frozen without compromising their benefits for your skin.

Just take out 2 ice cubes and let thaw in the fridge overnight to use the mask.

Pumpkin face mask benefits are many with these simple ingredients. This mask can help brighten, tighten, and tone your skin, and it’s great for most skin types.

Give this DIY pumpkin face mask recipe a try and let us know if you like it.

Homemade pumpkin face mask for all skin types

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