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August 13, 2021
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Easy DIY Lava Stone Shower Aromatherapy Diffuser using Essential Oils.

This is easy to use shower aromatherapy at its best! Using a lava stone that you hang from the shower head you can turn your shower into a steam aromatherapy diffuser.

Forget the messy, dissolving shower aromatherapy melts! This one can be used over and over again without the mess.

I leave my lava stone hanging on the shower head so it is ready to use anytime.

I especially like to use the lava stone shower aromatherapy diffuser for coughs, nasal congestion, or other upper respiratory symptoms.

I also find it helpful when I’m trying to unwind after an especially stressful day, or when I just need to get a good nights sleep.

Even though I find it helpful for these concerns you may find you want to use it for other reasons.

To find what essential oils can be used for different problems or concerns just look them up here:


Your shower can become your go to aromatherapy diffuser location. You can take your shower in the morning or evening depending on what essential oils you are using and what they are for.

You don’t want to use essential oils that help you relax and sleep in the daytime – unless you work nights of course! Neither do you want to use those that wake you up at nighttime!

Shower Aromatherapy Diffuser Recipes

A lot of times I use just a single essential oil. A go to favorite is lavender. I use this one at bedtime to help me relax and be able to sleep better.

My morning favorite is sweet orange EO. It is a wake up and uplifting essential oil for me.

Eucalyptus globulus is one I like for my cold symptoms. Cedarwood Virginian EO is a favorite in my family for the younger ones.

Here are some of my favorite shower aromatherapy blends. These recipes can be adapted to your preference.

Respiratory Blend Recipe #1

Respiratory Blend Recipe #2

These recipes are for adults and children over age 12. They are not for pregnant or breast feeding mothers. Use caution if you have asthma.

Kids (6 and above) Coughs/Colds and Sniffles Blend Recipe

Stress Reducing Blend Recipe #1

This recipe is for adults and children over age 12. They are not for pregnant or breast feeding mothers.

Stress Reducing Blend Recipe #2

This recipe is for adults and children six years and older. It is not for pregnant or breast feeding mothers.

Kids (6 and above) Calming Blend Recipe

How to Make a DIY Lava Stone Shower Aromatherapy Diffuser

Super easy to put together. What may take the longest timewise is deciding what essential oils to use, or putting together an essential oil blend!

Supplies Needed


Putting this together is as easy as putting one end of the shoe lace through the hole in the pumice lava stone, putting the two ends together and tying a knot. (Mine came with a string which was too short to hang from the showerhead so I removed it first).

Hang the lava stone over the shower head so that it is ready for your essential oils when you need them.

To infuse put 4 to 6 drops total of essential oil(s) or blend on the lava rock. (We found that 4 to 6 drops was the perfect amount for us).

For kids between six and ten I start out with 2 or 3 drops. You can always add more if needed, but it is best to start with smaller amounts.

Turn shower water on to start steaming up the area. You should start to smell the essential oils diffusing into the area shortly.

After making sure the shower is not too hot for you it is time to take your aromatherapy shower.


Safety First When Using Essential Oils


I always recommend talking with your personal physician before using essential oils if you have medical problems, are pregnant or nursing a baby, take prescription medications, or have allergies to plants, foods, or scents, etc.

If you have never used a certain essential oil it is important to make sure they are safe for you or your child! I always research the essential oil I am using before I use it in any form and I advise the same for you!

See my sections on essential oil safety concerns:


Try this Easy DIY Lava Stone Shower Aromatherapy Diffuser. Let me know if you have other ideas for essential oils to diffuse in the shower!


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not intend to diagnose or treat any disease. It is always recommended that you seek the advise of your private medical doctor.

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