3 Easy Essential Oil Recipes for Sleep

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August 22, 2017
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Essential Oil Blend Recipes for Sleep
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Simple Essential Oil Recipes for Sleep to Help You Make Your Own Sleep Blend!

We wouldn’t doubt it if you were tired right now even as you are searching for essential oil recipes for sleep. Surely you wound up on this blog because a good night’s rest has been elusive to you.

Essential Oil Recipes for SleepAnd, you’re hoping to find some essential oil sleep recipes that will help you catch your zzzz’s.

I understand. We’ve all faced moments in life in which sleep just won’t come.

Whether we’ve got a mind that runs like NASCAR, or anxieties that are forever bent on nudging us out of rest, we long for restorative sleep.

So, you’ve come to the right place to find essential oil blend recipes for sleep you can use to make your own diy blends.

Truth be told, there are several nights that I struggle to fall asleep.

In the past, my solution was sleeping pills…I hated taking those pills because they really made me feel so woozy the next day.

But I had to take them because I needed to sleep!

Worse still, sleeping pills are addictive. After a while, I couldn’t really sleep without them… and later they just stopped working for me all together!

Fortunately, that was a long time ago! Because as I began to learn more about natural health and wellness, I realized the many dangers of sleeping pills.

So I decided I would rather opt for natural remedies and essential oils. And I am really happy that I made that choice!

Before we go into the recipes, let’s first take a look at some of the best sleep inducing essential oils you will need for your blend:

Essential Oil Recipes Sleep

Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Lavender: Lavender increases slow wave sleep. It also allows for more sound sleep while battling insomnia and easing anxiety.

Orange: Orange essential oil is especially useful for those dealing with anxiety and insomnia. No doubt this is all the more powerful when combined with lavender.

Cedarwood: Smells heavenly. It’s been shown to relieve tension and encourage the release of serotonin which converts to melatonin (the brain chemical associated with restorative sleep). Its sedative quality will also help induce that much needed sleep you seek.

Frankincense: It’s been tied to the alleviation of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Frankincense appears to have some mind calming properties as well. It is particularly beneficial during pain experiences and that might add to its effectiveness for sleep.

Neroli: Calming for the heart, Neroli is also emotionally uplifting and helps to reduce tension. Thus making it a good essential oil for sleep.

Sweet Marjoram: It acts as is a sedative that helps with nervousness and insomnia. Its calming effects help lower blood pressure, ease tension, and soothe the emotional pains that may exacerbate insomnia.

Roman Chamomile: This is the most effective chamomile option for treating insomnia. It’s an ancient herb believed to have relaxing and sedative qualities. It should help you relax prior to going to bed.

Bergamot: Particularly useful if your sleep issues are associated with bouts of depression. It provides an uplifting effect for your emotional state while simultaneously allowing your body to relax.

Ylang Ylang: Has calming and soothing effects, anti-depressant and relieves stress and anxiety.

Essential Oil Recipes for Sleep

Essential Oil Sleep Blend Recipe

#1. Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe for Sleep

#2. Essential Oil Pillow Spray Recipe

Put the essential oils into the glass spray bottle, add the witch hazel and shake to disperse the oils. Then fil up with distilled water and shake again.

Spray on your pillow and sheet before bed time. I would suggest that you shake before each use to disperse the oil.

#3. Roller Recipe for Sleep

Add the essential oils into the roller bottle and fill up with the carrier oil (sweet almond) and shake. Apply on your forehead, back of your ears and back of your neck before bed.

Why Make Your Own Essential Oil Blend?

The great thing about blending essential oils is that you get the benefits associated with each of them. Blending essential oils helps you maximize the therapeutic powers of these oils.

This is because the blend combines the synergistic values and benefits of the different essential oils.

You can use the essential oil sleep recipes provided here to make a blend you can use in a roller bottle, pillow spray or diffuser.

Obviously, these are not the only essential oil recipes for sleep. There are many other recipes, however, these are the blends that we find the most beneficial.


Safety First When Using Essential Oils


If you have never used a certain essential oil it is important to do a skin patch test prior to topically using! See my sections on topical use and other essential oil safety concerns:


We welcome your comments about other essential oil blend recipes for sleep and how those have helped you. Don’t hesitate to share with us in the comments section below.

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Essential Oil Blend Recipes for Sleep

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