DIY Invigorating Shower Melts Recipe with Essential Oils

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February 5, 2021
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DIY Invigorating Shower Melts Recipe with Essential Oils!

This is a great morning wake up shower melts recipe made with an invigorating citrus essential oil blend. Made for morning showers when you need an extra boost to face the day. These turn your shower into an invigorating aromatherapy spa with mandarin, lemon, and lime to awaken your senses for the day ahead..

When you need an extra boost in the morning to face whatever the day may bring, try these invigorating shower melts made with a wonderful citrus essential oil blend.

I combined mandarin, lemon, and lime essential oils to get that fresh, invigorating citrus scent that I find is perfect in the morning.

Bath melts are like a bath bomb for the shower. As they dissolve in the water, they release essential oils and turn your shower into an aromatherapy spa.

Shower melts, I believe, are easier to make than bath bombs. They have fewer ingredients and aren’t as hard to work with because you don’t have to press them into circles with a special mold.


What Are Shower Melts?

Shower melts are similar to bath bombs. They have the same base ingredients and have essential oils. As they melt, they release the essential oils and turn your shower into a huge diffuser.

It’s important to note that shower melts have a higher concentration of essential oils than bath bombs do, so you shouldn’t use them as bath bombs.

Since you sit in the water in a bath, the higher concentration of essential oils could cause skin irritation.

And because they have a higher concentration of essential oils, be sure to wear gloves when you make these.

Stirring them and packing them into the molds can cause skin irritation because of the high concentration of oils.

Ingredients for Invigorating Shower Melts DIY Recipe

Dry Ingredients

I used baking soda, citric acid, and cornstarch for the dry ingredients. When baking soda and citric acid get wet, they have a chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide gas.

This is what causes the bubbling action that everyone loves in shower melts and bath bombs.

The cornstarch serves an important function. It binds with both the citric acid and the baking soda. This helps slow down the reaction when the water hits the dry ingredients.

Without cornstarch, these would melt right away. With cornstarch they melt slowly, thus slowly releasing the essential oils over several minutes.

Essential Oils

This is an invigorating essential oil blend made for the morning. The morning shower needs to awaken one’s senses to give a clear mind and focus.

I used mandarin essential oil, lemon essential oil, and lime essential oil. They smell amazing together with an uplifting, invigorating, and all together fun scent.

I used mandarin essential oil because it is my top favorite citrus essential oil. It has a fresh, clean, orangey scent that I can’t get enough of. It adds a positive note – perfect for morning time!

I also added lemon essential oil. It adds a citrus, fruity freshness which is uplifting. It is used to support the immune system. It’s also an oil used to reduce stress and boost one’s mood. (I used steam distilled lime as cold pressed is phototoxic – not something I want to worry about if I am outside in the sun!)

Then there is lime essential oil. I like how it balances out the other two citrus smells. Lime has a sweeter than lemon (to me) fruity smell that is refreshing. It also gives an uplifting and stress relieving note to the mix which is perfect when you are getting ready to face the day ahead. (I again used steam distilled so I don’t have to worry about phototoxicity).

If you want to use another essential oil blend, just use the same amount of essential oils, 35 drops, to make this recipe.

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Shower Melts with Essential Oils

I think shower melts are easier to make than bath bombs are. They have fewer ingredients, and they are easier to pack into the molds than using a circle bath bomb mold.

When baking soda and citric acid combine with water, it causes a chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide. This is what makes the fizzing that we all love with bath bombs and shower melts.

When you add the essential oils and water, drizzle it slowly all around the powdered ingredients. I usually drizzle it with one hand while I stir with the other hand. You want to stir it quickly to stop the reaction.

Add half of the water and then test by getting a handful of powder and making a fist. If it holds its shape, it’s ready to pack into the molds. Otherwise, add more water slowly and keep stirring and testing.

If you’ve added the entire tablespoon of water and it’s still not holding its shape, you can add more water or spray with rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol evaporates, so it won’t stay in the shower melts.

The amount of water you’ll need to add depends on the humidity. In the summer, I usually add about ¾ of the tablespoon because of the moisture in the air.

For this batch, I added 1 tablespoon of water and then sprayed some rubbing alcohol because the air is very dry.

You can use any mold to make shower melts, but I don’t recommend silicone. I love silicone for soaps and other things that you pour, but they have too much give for shower melts.

Let them dry completely before unmolding them. If you unmold too soon, they will crack and fall apart.

How to Make Shower Melts with Essential Oils



Measure and place the baking soda, citric acid, and cornstarch in a medium sized bowl. Stir well to remove any lumps. Make a well in the center with a spoon.

Add the essential oils to the well in the center. Try to drop them in throughout the circle so they don’t all go in the same spot.

Slowly drizzle the water over the mixture as you stir. It will start to bubble, but keep stirring. It is moist enough when you can grab a handful and squeeze and it holds its shape. Add more water as needed.

Pack into the mini muffin tin. Press down firmly.

Let dry for 24 hours. Unmold and let dry completely on a cooling rack.

Store these relaxing shower melts in a mason jar or other container until you’re ready to use them.

To use, place one on the floor of the shower so it won’t get hit directly by the water. As it melts, it releases essential oils and creates an aromatherapy spa.

Now go ahead and give yourself some self care with this DIY invigorating shower melts recipe.

Relaxing shower melts diy recipe

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