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February 26, 2013
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March 5, 2013
Xtend Life Fish Oil Review
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Honest Xtend Life Fish Oil Review

If you have ever spent any time on the Internet looking for a good brand of fish oil, you must have come across all of those “sales like” Xtend-Life fish oil reviews, particularly the Omega 3/DHA fish oil supplement.

These so called reviews sound too good to be true and most consumers find themselves doubting whether any dietary supplement can be as good as these supplements claim to be.

With that in mind, this review is going to be somewhat different from the standard review in that there is not going to be any sales pitch for this product, but rather a straightforward list of pros and cons as well a look at what the reviews say.

Pros of Xtend-Life Fish Oil Supplements

  • You not only know what types of fish are used for these supplements, you know where the fish comes from.
  • In Essence Xtend-Life fish oil supplements are purified twice which helps reduce the minute traces of toxins in their fish oils.
  • They actually offer you a certificate showing the results of their latest purity tests.
  • Their fish oil supplements do not have any synthetic additives or preservatives that may counteract the advantages of taking the fish oil.
  • They offer 3 different versions of their fish oil supplements. The Omega 3/DHA fish oil is pure fish oil with natural vitamin E added. Their Premium fish oil, adds ingredients designed to reverse the signs of aging and their Ultra fish oil has ingredients to re-energize cells.
  • The Omega 3/DHA supplements offer higher doses of DHA omega 3 fatty acids than most other fish oil supplements.

Cons of Xtend-Life Fish Oil Supplements

  • Until recently you could only purchase Xtend-Life DHA fish oil through their official website. You can now purchase them on Amazon as well.
  • While these supplements are tested for purity from mercury and other toxins, the tests are done by the company itself, not an independent company.
  • Because the fish oil does not contain synthetic preservatives you need to be careful to store these capsules correctly, and they may have a shorter shelf life.

What the Reviews Say

Due to the fact that until fairly recently Xtend-Life’s fish oil supplements were only sold by contacting their official website there are few unbiased reviews to help consumers decide if this product is worth their money.

However, there are comments on their website from satisfied customers who did find the following benefits from taking these supplements.

  • Improved complexion and softer skinxtendlife fish oil supplement
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved sight
  • reduced inflammation around injuries or joints
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Lower triglyceride levels


Based on the information, reviews and comments regarding Xtend-Life fish oil supplements it certainly appears that these supplements are at least one of the best fish oil supplements available.

While their purity tests for toxins are done by the company themselves, the fact that they at least perform purity test for every batch of fish oil they produce and publish the results is comforting.

It is also comforting to know exactly what fish they use to create their fish oil supplements and where those fish come from.

Few other fish oil supplement companies offer you this in-depth information. For these reasons alone, this fish oil should be worth trying.

Click here to go to Xtend-life official website.

Xtend Life Fish Oil Review

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