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Kiwi Klenz Review
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Independent Review of Xtend Life’s Kiwi Klenz

There are now so many dietary supplements on the market that it is often confusing to know what each supplement does, and whether or not they are really helpful in improving your health.

Understanding what these products promise to do and what they actually deliver can help you decide if a supplement is right for you.

This Kiwi Klenz review is designed to help you learn more about what this product is and how it can help you to live healthier.

What is Kiwi Klenz?

The name Kiwi Klenz is somewhat misleading as the name seems to suggest another colon cleansing product. However, Kiwi Klenz is not a colon cleanser per se, but rather a product that claims to balance your digestive system.

So while it may help regulate bowel movements and reduce flatulence it isn’t a product that is designed to clean out your colon, with little health benefits.

Instead Kiwi Klenz is a prebiotic supplement made up entirely of Kiwifruit with no other ingredients.

For those of you who are wondering what a prebiotic is, it is food that is not digestible by the body, but serves as food for the helpful bacteria (called probiotics) in your digestive tract.

These good biotics needs this food in order to remain strong and keep the bad bacteria in your digestive tract at bay.

What Does Kiwi Klenz Promise to Do?

The makers of Kiwi Klenz is a company called XtendLife and according to their official website this product gives your body the necessary prebiotics to keep it healthy and well and in doing so will balance your digestive system, making it and you healthier overall.

According to the website taking Kiwi-Klenz will:

  • Allow you to get all maximum nutrients from the food you eat.xtend-life kiwi klenz
  • Will make immune system stronger
  • Regulate bowel movements
  • Elimate gas
  • Reduce bloating
  • Help you to lose weight
  • Reduce your acne
  • Reduce the amount of toxins

What The Reviews Say

Unfortunately there seems to be little or no user reviews for this product. Since this product is only sold through the company’s website and cannot be purchased from a third party most of the sites that offer product reviews are not privy to what customers think about Kiwi Klenz.

However, comments left on the website itself, are quite favorable with various customers stating that they were more regular and had less gas after using this product.

(Note: This has changed since the original review.  You can now find Kiwi Klenz being sold on the site here.

The reviews on Amazon show an 81% for 4 stars and above reviews.  These reviewers seemed satisfied at how the product help their digestive system.  That it worked at improving their constipation problems, and other digestive concerns. 

For the one star reviews it showed at 8%.  The negative reviewers listed bloating and constipation, or that the product did not work for them as the reason for the one star rating.)

With all the comments (from both the company’s website and website) combined it does appear that Kiwi-Klenz does do most of what it promises to do, though it may not achieve the same benefits in each and every individual.

However, since the only ingredient in Kiwi Klenz is kiwifruit and kiwifruit is known for it’s health benefits this is certainly a product worth trying.

Especially, since there are so few good prebiotics on the market, and this one definitely seems to be one of the best available.

With a 12 month money back guarantee this product is highly recommended for anyone who suffers from chronic digestive problems.

Click here to go to the Official Website.

Kiwi Klenz Review

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  1. Mark says:

    Personally I’d like to post a review for you as one who has been using this product for over a year now. During a 2 month period I was severely constipated with tremendous bloating. Most of this can be blamed in 2 parts. One, medications I have to take that constipation is a definite problem and 2, I have had trouble prior to having to take the meds. About a year and a half ago, I became extremely bound up and tried everything available, literally with practically no results. Over the counter and RXs included. I went through them all one at a time with a doctor’s help who finally threw up his hands in not knowing what else to have me do. It would seem impossible, but I only went 5 times in the course of 3 months. Nothing helped. Finally I’ve found 2 products that do. This one is definitely a recommendation on my behalf with proven results on my end. It seems a little expensive when first thought about, but we spent a lot more on laxatives, stool softeners and just about anything we could think of. This product worked very well for me within a week of starting it.
    The pharmaceutical companies do a good job of convincing you that they have your solution, but the longer you take any laxative the more damage you actually end up doing to yourself in the long run. I still suffer from the damage years later from taking the laxatives that I thought were the solution to my problem. In the end, all I did was hurt myself and make things worse overall, but hey, they made a lot of money off of us over the years, but the damage it caused to my insides is irreversible. This product has been very gently and has helped keep me regular for over a year now. I highly recommend it to anyone that has not found sufficient help in the past.
    The 2nd product I would highly recommend, and you may want to try this one first, but may find can add up price wise quickly depending on how much you need to use. It’s a tea called Smooth Move made by Traditional Medicinals. 20 tea bags are about $6 depending on where you get them from vs $35 for 60 capsules of kiwi-klenz, which is supposed to be a months supply. I have had to use more at times and at other times have had to combine the 2 depending on how much medicine I’ve had to take that constantly adds to the problem. I’ve never had any problems upping the dose on kiwi-klenz or the tea, even when having to take both daily. In my opinion I feel that these are both very high quality products that do not do damage to you system vs the pharmaceutical option which over time almost certainly will and will end up costing you more money in the long run. For me this is money well spent that has helped relive a lot of suffering on my end.

    • Carol Dike says:

      Hi Mark,
      I am sorry to hear about your problem with constipation and how long it took you to find a solution.

      I am also really happy to hear that you have found Kiwi-Klenz very helpful.

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