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Herbal Salve Recipes
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Easy Homemade Balm and Salve Recipes for Different Conditions!

If you are looking to make a healing balm or salve, but do not know where to start, then you will find these homemade balm and salve recipes featured here very helpful.

I know that a lot of people (me included) get overwhelmed when we hear “DIY” or “homemade”. TBH, I am really terribly bad at DIYs.

So although I have been into natural remedies and essential oils for a few years now, I didn’t start making my own home remedies until recently. I have a very dear friend who helped me make them.

But as soon as I made the first one, it became less overwhelming and easier for me. Now I can easily make my own balms and salves using essential oils.

To help you get started, I have decided to collate some amazing balm and salve recipes you can use to make yours. These are healing balms and salves you can use for different health issues as well as for nourishing your skin.

Okay, let’s get on with the diy balm and salve recipes!

Homemade Balm and Salve Recipes

#1. Homemade Pain Salve

DIY Pain Relief Salve

This salve is great all kinds of body aches and pains including neck, shoulders, back, joints, arthritis and sore muscles. This salve is made with potent essential oils that have anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. So if you are looking for an effective natural pain reliever, give this salve a try.

#2. Diy Headache Balm

headache balm recipe

I am prone to headaches but hate taking pills, so I’m always looking for natural alternatives.  This headache balm has been a saving grace and it’s so easy to make.

I just massage a small amount onto my temples, behind the ears and back of my neck and enjoy the cooling and soothing sensation.

#3. Homemade Sleep Balm

Homemade Sleep BalmIf you struggle with insomnia like me, then give this sleep balm a try. It is made with lavender essential oil, orange essential oil and chamomile tea. You sure will love the relaxing and sleep-inducing effects of this homemade sleep balm.

#4. Herbal Drawing Salve

Herbal Drawing Salve

This herbal drawing salve is great for healing minor wounds, boils and bug bites. It also comes in handy when you have a splinter. Yes, you can remove splinters with tweezers, but this salve does it better and more efficiently especially for your little one. And you can easily whip it up in less than an hour!

#5. DIY Arnica Salve

DIY Arnica Salve

I really love that this salve is made with only 3 ingredients – dried arnica, coconut oil and beeswax. It can be used for treating bruises, sprains, strains, sore muscles, and aches and pains.

#6. DIY Lip Balm

DIY Lip Balm Recipe Moisturizing

This diy natural lip balm was so easy to make that I was beating myself up for not making it earlier. I would have saved myself a lot of money (the money I spent buying store balms). So whether you suffer from chronic chapped lips or just want to keep your lips moisturized and soft, you will find this balm very helpful.

#7. Homemade Balm for Cracked Heels

Dry Cracked Heels Remedy

Oh cracked heels, don’t we all hate them! They look gross and feel uncomfortable and can sometimes be painful especially during the winter. Good news is, you don’t have to tolerate them any more. This may be the solution you’ve been looking for all this while. Give it a try and you will thank me later lol. Check out the recipe here.

#8. Poison Ivy Salve

Poison Ivy Salve

This poison ivy salve is what you need for relieving the itching caused by poison ivy rashes and insect bites especially during the warmer spring and summer seasons.

#9. Herbal Burn Salve

herbal burn salve

If you have ever had a burn, you know how painful it can be. This herbal burn salve contains natural ingredients that help to cool and soothe the burn, prevent infection, speed up healing and reduce scarring.

#10. Cold Sore Salve

Cold Sore Salve

Not only are cold sores also called fever blisters painful, but they are also unsightly. This cold sore salve is made with antiviral and pain relieving essential oils. So you will find it helpful for relieving the pain caused by the cold sores as well as speeding up the healing process.

#11. Eczema Relief Salve

Eczema Relief Salve

If you are looking for a natural remedy for eczema, you should give this a try. This eczema relief salve is made with natural oils that moisturize the skin, heal dryness and promote new cells renewal, helping to provide relief for your eczema.

#12. Homemade Hand Salve

DIY Hand Salve Recipe

This diy hand salve is all need to moisturize your dry hands and keep them soft and beautiful. I use this all year round, but find it particularly helpful during the cold winter months when the air is so dry.

So there you go, 12 amazing homemade balm and salve recipes you can use to make your own. I hope you find a recipe you like among the 12. If you do, try making it, then come back and tell us how it goes.

Homemade Balm and Salve Recipes

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