Do Bee Pollen Supplements Really Have Health Benefits?

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December 31, 2012
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There are probably few supplements on the market today that sparks greater controversy than Bee Pollen supplements. While there are literally thousands if not millions of people who extol the virtues and health benefits of taking a bee pollen supplement, most scientists claim that there is little if any proof that taking bee pollen in any form provides anyone with any health benefits.

This causes much confusion among those people who are looking for a dietary supplement that can benefit their health when determining if bee pollen is right for them. Hopefully, this article will help you make sense out of the conflicting information out there so you can decide whether or not trying a bee pollen supplement may be right for you.

Scientific Studies vs. Anecdotal Evidence

The first thing that you need to understand is the difference between scientific studies and anecdotal evidence as to the effectiveness of a supplement. While it should be noted that scientific studies are often given more weight because they are conducted in a controlled environment making it easier to note the effect of any given substance it also needs to be understood, when and how scientific studies are done.

First, most scientific studies are done on substances only after there is sufficient anecdotal evidence to suggest that a specific substance, in this case bee pollen has benefits. The fact is, thousands of people over a long period of time have reported receiving some type of health benefits from including bee pollen into their diets.

Second, while independent scientists conduct some research, drug or supplement companies whose main purpose is to earn a profit from selling the substance being tested finance most research. Big drug companies normally have more money to spend funding research, but they only fund research aimed at earning them larger profits, so they really aren’t going to be funding research for products such as bee pollen supplements that they  can’t own a monopoly on. This means that real scientific studies on the effects and benefits of bee pollen are few and far between.

Third, while anecdotal evidence doesn’t carry the weight of a scientific study, it seems unlikely that millions of people who claim a product has health benefits over hundreds or thousands of years could be completely wrong. People have been taking bee pollen for thousands of years and claimed the following benefits:

  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Regulation of appetite
  • Treatment or prevention of allergies
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system
  • Supplements important vitamins and nutrients
  • Helps increase fertility
  • Aids weight loss
  • May reduce stress

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Bee Pollen is Nutrient Rich

One thing that scientists don’t dispute is that bee pollen is extremely nutrient rich. In fact it contains all the nutrients necessary for human life. It is also one of the few foods that contain all 8 of the B-complex vitamins. It contains many other vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids as well making it a great supplement for those who need to increase their nutrient intake.

Athletes Swear by Bee Pollen

Many athletes swear by bee pollen, claiming that over time it increases both their energy and stamina and there is some sporadic research that does back up the energy claim so at least on this point both the anecdotal and scientific evidence is in agreement. In fact, many long distance runners as well as weight lifters use bee pollen as a performance supplement.

Known to Help Those Undergoing Chemo to Eat Better

One of the side effects of chemo therapy and even radiation treatments are a loss of appetite which can actually weaken a cancer patient making it more difficult to fight the disease. In many cases, people have reported that giving those undergoing these kinds of treatments bee pollen helped to increase appetite and help these patients maintain a healthier weight.

Reported Appetite Suppressant Benefits

Some people who are on a diet have turned to bee pollen supplements as a way to make sure that they get adequate nutrients while consuming less calories. In doing so, some dieters have discovered that bee pollen actually helps suppress their appetite allowing them to eat less without feeling hungry.

For a long time, scientist wondered how bee pollen could actually suppress appetite in some people and encourage appetite in others. It is now believed that at least one cause of an overactive appetite or loss of appetite is chemical imbalance in the body. Bee pollen seems to help correct this imbalance allowing the appetite to return to normal. This means that in some people, appetite will decrease and in others it will increase until those normal limits are reached.

Helpful in The Treatment of Allergies

Studies also suggest that taking a bee pollen supplement may be helpful in reducing the symptoms of certain types of allergies such as allergies brought on by plant pollen. Because bees gather the pollen from various plants, taking bee pollen supplements for a few months before allergy season seems to have a type of vaccination effect. In other words, since the bee pollen itself has a small dose of the pollen to which people are allergic, their system becomes used to the pollen in small doses so that when pollen season comes around, they suffer less from the effects that these allergens produced.

You should note however, that anyone suffering from an allergy to bees should not take bee pollen supplements or any bee by products without the expressed orders of their physician and even then they should be carefully monitored to avoid a serious or life threatening allergic reaction known as Anaphylactic reaction or shock.

All things considered, it is pretty obvious that bee pollen does have some benefits for your health if only because it contains many nutrients that may be missing from your diet. Since your body needs these nutrients to stay healthy it only makes sense that this food supplement would supply some health benefits. In addition, many people over thousands of years have found bee pollen to improve their health and help them to deal with specific health issues, despite what the studies seem to suggest.

If you are looking for a natural supplement, to add nutrients and possibly other health benefits daily then bee pollen just may be a supplement you want to try.

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