6 Natural Slow Digestion Remedies For Sluggish Digestive System

By: Hey Paul Studios

Many people today suffer from all kinds of slow digestion problems. There are a number of things that can slow down the digestive system such as too little exercise, consuming too much processed foods and saturated fats, and not drinking enough water as well as certain medications.

When you consider that digestion begins the moment you put that food into your mouth and begin chewing to when your body eliminates the waste that your body can’t use, then you will soon realize just how much can happen to slow your digestion.

From rushing through meals and not properly chewing your food, to antibiotics killing off the good bacteria in your intestinal tract slow digestion can occur to any one at any time in lives.

When your digestion slows, all types of problems can arise and these problems manifest themselves in:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Lower energy levels
  • Constipation
  • Gas
  • Bloating

These uncomfortable symptoms of a slow digestion can interfere with your daily activities and quality of life, so finding some good slow digestion remedies is essential to feeling better and regaining your health.

The Best Slow Digestion Remedies

The best slow digestion remedies are those that are all natural and work gently to balance your digestive system and alleviate the problems and symptoms. Here are a few remedies you can try.

  • Dietary ChangesIn many cases slow digestion can be treated effectively by making dietary changes such as eating more fresh foods, limiting your intake of processed foods, caffeine and sugar. Also increasing your water consumption and eating smaller meals more often.
  • Increase Exercise In addition to making changes in your diet you should also try and get more exercise. Taking a walk, going for a bike ride, or other physical activities will help your food to digest better and get it back into balance.

Along with diet and exercise there are some dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies that have proven themselves effective in helping to balance a slow digestion or help you overcome some of the symptoms of a slow digestion.

Here are 6 slow digestion remedies that have proven themselves to be effective.

1) Gastronic DR – This herbal supplement is made by Native Remedies and contains German Chamomile, Meadowsweet, Slippery elm, and Cancer bush, all ingredients known to sooth the stomach and help to alleviate the following symptoms; diarrhea, gas, digestive pain, and irritable bowel syndrome. Overall, reviews for this supplement are good with more than half the people who tried Gastronic Dr. stating they would buy it again and recommend it to others.

2) Gasolve ReliefThis is another supplement by Native remedies and contains such ingredients as fennel, ginger, burdock, and Carbo veg. Reviews for this product are better than average with many users stating that Gasolve Relief eases Gas and bloating.

3) DigestAssist – Digest assist has almost the same ingredients as Gasolve Relief as it contains ginger, fennel, peppermint, and Pelargonium Reiforme and is sold by the same company. Reviews rate DigestAssist somewhat higher than Gasolve Relief and users claim it eases stomach discomfort, Reduces gas, and helps to relieve acidity.

4) Kiwi-KlenzWhile the three Native Remedy products mentioned above all seem to be created to help ease stomach discomfort and xtendlife kiwi klenz speed up digestion through the herbs, Kiwi Klenz by Xtend-Life uses Kiwifruit to help supply vitamins and minerals and important prebiotics to keep the good bacteria in your intestinal tract alive and well.

So that the friendly bacteria can reduce the bad bacteria that can cause digestion problems as well as balance your digestive and immune system.

Unfortunately while there are some very positive comments on the Xtend-life website stating that this product works well, there are no unbiased users’ reviews to be found.

5) Avita Probiotic and Fiber – As the name implies, this is a unique blend of probiotic cultures and fiber. The probiotics help to Avita probiotic and fiberreplenish the good bacterial flora in your intestinal tract, while the fiber helps to cleanse the intestines as well as serve as food for the probiotics to thrive and reproduce.

This product contains all natural ingredients including Blue-Green Algae, Chlorella, Calcium, Apple Pectin and Inulin. These all work together in synergy to alleviate digestive problems such as indigestion, diarrhea and constipation as they help to boost digestion and promote overall digestive health.

The makers of this probiotic and fiber supplement are so confident in their product that they have decided to provide a free sample pack so you can try the product to see how it works before you commit your money. Click here to get your free sample pack.

6) Avita Aloe Vera & EnzymesThis special dietary supplement contains Aloe Vera, Avita aloe vera and enzymeswhich helps to restore balance to the digestive system by doing two important things. First of all, it helps to get rid of harmful bacteria and secondly, it supplies vital nutrients to the system.

This supplement also contains digestive enzymes such as Bromelain, cellulase, protease and Lipase as well as other natural ingredients like Ginger, which all help to enhance digestion.

Not only does this product ease digestion, it also boosts immunity and promotes detoxification as well as helps maintain healthy fat and sugar in the body.

If you have problems with indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, nausea or bloating, then you should consider giving this chewable digestive supplement a try.

However, based on the reviews and comments regarding these products, all seem to perform well for reducing the symptoms of slow digestion and helping to re-balance the digestive system as well. If you are looking for a safe, natural slow digestion remedy anyone of these products is worth trying.

About Carol Dike

Carol Dike is the administrator of Total Wellness Choices, a website dedicated to providing information, tips and advice on how to improve your general health by making healthy lifestyle choices. She welcomes every visitor and values your input in the form of comments, suggestions and questions.


  1. Tyrone Baird says:

    I have been taking lanzoprozole for stomach acid reflux for 15 yrs, it kills off a lot of good bacteria in the gut and is now causing my digestive system to run very slowly, im sufering a lot of discomfort and digestive spasms which make me go slightly dizzy and lose energy. Is there any advice you could give me please? My doctor says im just suffering from anxiety, i dont doubt for a second im suffering from anxiety but i feel it has been brought on by my gut problems and im desperate for help as this is completly taking over and ruining my life. Many thanks. Tyrone.

    • Hi Tyrone,
      I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your digestive system. Unfortunately what you re experiencing is very common with people who are taking prescription or OTC acid reflux medications. I would suggest that you look for a doctor who is open to alternative medicine/natural remedies as I believe that using the right probiotic and prebiotic supplements will help relieve your digestive problems. There are also effective natural remedies for anxiety you can take advantage of.

  2. I had a test at the hospital that showed I had a slow digestive symptom. It’s painful the gas, bloating and constipation. Can you please tell me some suggestions on what to do about it? I have an appt. with my GI Dr. in a couple weeks. I pray there is hope out there. Right now he has me on a low fat, low fiber diet which is hard to find out what I can eat. Thanks

    • Hi Sharon,
      I am sorry to hear that you have a slow digestive system, which is causing you painful gas, bloating and constipation. I am not a medical doctor, but I can only advice you from my own experience. I used to suffer from slow digestive system. However, changing my diet really helped me a lot. I drastically reduced my sugar intake. I also stayed away from fatty foods. Then added more fiber to my diet. I also took and still take probiotic and prebiotic supplements. I like Kiwi-klenz prebiotic supplement because it contains both soluble and insoluble fibers, digestive enzymes and phenols, which all work together to help boost the digestive system.

      There are also several other natural digestive aids that can help balance your digestive system. You just need to find one that really works for you as what works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

      Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.

  3. Hi Sharon, I just found your site when seeking advise for bloating and slow digestion, I am interested in the products you mention but the Avita one seems like it is purchased outside the US which I am not comfortable with. I also read your comments on the Kiwi klenz. Where do you purchase these items in the US? Looks like the Xtend products are purchased in the US and I may be interested in that one but the Avita one that has a probiotic and Fiber seems intesting also but I cant seem to find a US ship address,. Was wondering if you had used the Avita product at all and any comments on that. Thanks!

    • Hi Diane,
      I understand your reservation about buying from a non US company. However, I have used the Avita probiotics and find it very helpful. Xtendlife Kiwi- Klenz is also very good and you can buy that on Amazon if you so wish. But I personally buy Xtendlife products via their official website.

      I hope my response helps.

  4. al mccann says:

    Dear Carol Dike,
    My bowel movements have slowed down so much that I am not feeling well. I have never been like this before. It is as if every is going at a snails pace. I do have diabetes. I used to have a movement everyday and some times 2 or 3 times a day. What can I use to move things along?

  5. Hi Al,
    I am really sorry to hear that your bowel movement is going at a snail pace. I would recommend that you try Kiwi Klenz by Xtendlife. However, I advise that you check with your doctor first if you have any doubts at all about its safety.

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