How to Detoxify Your Liver Naturally and Safely

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How to do a liver detox
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5 Simple Tips on How to Detoxify Your Liver Naturally and SAFELY!

Knowing how to detoxify your liver naturally will help you cleanse your liver the right way so it can keep functioning properly.

How to Detoxify Your Liver Naturally and FastThe liver is a vital organ that has a tough job keeping your body healthy. Its main job is to purge or eliminate toxins from the body.

But it also produces bile that breaks down fat and stores essential vitamins, iron and minerals the body needs to stay healthy.

When this organ fails to do its job, it has a negative effect on your health. In the early stages, it can cause acid reflux, heartburn, constipation, bloating, gas, dark urine, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety.

As the problem persists and liver failure begins, you may notice a yellowing of the skin and eyes.

If you do not receive treatment and your condition worsens, it could lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

This very serious condition can ultimately lead to liver failure. When your liver is not functioning at full capacity, it can cause many health problems but you can avoid many of them with a liver cleanse or detox.

Below are 5 simple tips on how to detoxify your liver naturally.

#1. Flush Out the Toxins with Water/Lemon Water

Water is a great natural liver cleanser as it helps to remove impurities from your system. Add some lemon juice to the water to increase the cleansing power.

You should aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day! I drink 16 oz of warm water first thing in the morning. I add lemon juice (1 lemon) to the water.

Not only does lemon water help to purify the body, but it also helps with bowel movement. And we know that regular bowel movement is essential to a healthy body!

#2. Eat Natural Liver Detox Foods

One of the best ways to detox your liver is with your diet. It’s important to eliminate foods with trans fats or processed foods and refined sugar.

These foods make it difficult for the liver to function properly. Following a liver detox diet will help to keep this organ functioning properly so it can do the job it was meant to do.

Some of the best foods to include in your liver detox diet are plant based and they include:

  • Apples
  • Beets
  • Garlic
  • Avocados
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Carrots
  • Lemons
  • Olive oil
  • Cabbage
  • Cruciferous Vegetables
  • Tomatoes
  • Green tea
  • Grapefruit
  • Nuts

Vegetables are Great Liver Detox Foods

You can go on a 3 day fruit and veggie fast once in a while. This will help cleanse your system and help your internal organs function optimally. It may sound difficult… but believe me, it is not, give it a try and your health will thank you for it.

Full disclosure here! I personally don’t really enjoy eating vegetables raw, so I drink my veggies (aka green smoothies).

#3. Say No to Alcohol and Caffeine!

It’s also important to avoid or at least limit your consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Consuming large amounts of alcohol or caffeine, especially on a regular basis can make it difficult for your liver to do its job.

They are full of toxins that take time to remove from the body. If you consume these beverages daily, your liver may not have time to regenerate causing buildup of toxins that can damage it over time.

#4. Use Liver Detox Herbs

There are herbal remedies that have the ability to help the liver function properly. These herbs assist the digestive system and stimulate the liver to improve its natural functions, which helps it to work more efficiently.

For example, dandelion root stimulates the bile flow within the liver and chanca piedra supports the elimination of toxins.

#5. Detox the Liver with Aromatherapy

I love essential oils and they have many healing properties, including the ability to help flush toxins from the liver.

Rosemary, cypress, grapefruit, juniper, peppermint and lemon are some of the most popular essential oils used to support liver function.

Plant Therapy Cypress Essential Oil. 100% Pure, 1/3 ozPlant Therapy Cypress Essential Oil. 100% Pure, 1/3 ozNOW -100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil, 1-OunceNOW -100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil, 1-OuncePlant Therapy Juniper Berry Essential Oil. 100% Pure, 1/3 ozPlant Therapy Juniper Berry Essential Oil. 100% Pure, 1/3 oz

Diffusing these essential oils in your home can help purify your home and cleanse your entire system of toxins and other impurities.


Everything from the foods you eat to the air you breathe affects how your body functions and occasionally it needs a little help to perform at full capacity.

You need to routinely detoxify your liver naturally to help this organ get rid of toxins that accumulate over time, so it can do its job and keep your body healthy.

Now that you know how to do a liver detox, why don’t you make time to cleanse and protect this vital organ and to help it function properly.

How to do a liver detox

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