Dr Oz on Bee Pollen: What is His Opinion?

Dr. Mehmet Oz’s opinion on health issues is highly valued by the majority of people in the US. I respect him a lot because he is not your typical orthodox Medical Doctor; unlike most of his colleagues, Dr Oz is quite open-minded about alternative medicine. In other words, his priority is the wellness of his patients and he is willing to go beyond orthodox medicine to provide solution for various health issues.

Hence, when it comes to health supplements, a lot of people usually go for the ones recommended by Dr Oz. Bee pollen, green tea, Fish oil, Coq10, Grape fruit extract, Horse chestnut seed extract and Multivitamins are some of the dietary supplements that people seek to know Dr. Oz’s opinion on.

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Bee pollen is acclaimed to contain enormous nutritive and medicinal properties – its health benefits have been enjoyed by the ancient civilization like Egypt and China for several centuries.

However, it is only recently that the benefits of this amazing food supplement are being recognized by the West.

So, what is the opinion of Dr. Oz on bee pollen?

Dr. Oz affirms the benefits of bee pollen to human health; he specifically mentioned it as one of the best energy boosters on one of his TV shows. If you suffer from fatigue, always feeling tired or are working a stressful job (which most people do these days), this bee product will help increase your energy levels and keep you mentally alert at the same time.

However, unlike other energy enhancing supplements, bee collected pollen does not contain caffeine; so you will not experience the negative side effects associated with caffeine such as headaches, heart palpitation, insomnia, and mid-day “crash”. Furthermore bee pollen also contains all the nutrients (protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, DNA etc) that your body needs to function optimally.

According to Dr. Michael T Murray, one of the contributing Doctors on Sharecare (Dr. Oz’s website), bee pollen is “used as a nutritive tonic as well as to desensitize seasonal allergies”.

The amino acids in this unique bee product also protect the body at the cellular level; thus, regular consumption of bee gathered pollen may help to slow down the aging process and prevent premature aging and various other diseases.

Choosing the Right Supplement is the Key!

Yes, Dr. Oz recommends the use of bee pollen because of its numerous health benefits. But all pollen products are not created equal, so you shouldn’t just chose any supplement you see on the market. Choosing the right product will not only help you get the full benefits of this “superfood”, but it will also help prevent toxic poisoning.

It is important that you choose pollens that are harvested in a clean environment. Stay clear of supplements that are sourced and manufactured in countries with high pollution levels. Such products are most likely to be contaminated with toxins like mercury, lead and other harmful contaminants.

We recommend the Xtendlife bee pollen because it is pure, free from pesticides and toxins and safe for human consumption. Xtendlife bee pollen is sourced from New Zealand, one of the most pristine countries in the world. It is also manufactured under very strict manufacturing policies, guaranteeing a very high quality product that is both effective and safe.

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