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January 14, 2013
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Let’s face it, we live in a stressful world and every single man, woman, and child is affected by stress in one way or another. Learning how to relieve stress successfully can make a huge difference in your life and your health. Here are some simple stress relieving techniques or activities that you can do to help safe guard your health.

Avoiding Or Eliminating Stressful Situations When Possible

While we can’t avoid all stress, there are some ways you can help to reduce your stress levels by avoiding those situations that create stress.

  • Give yourself extra time to travel. Many people become stressed simply because they don’t give themselves enough time. If you become stressed over trying to get to work on time, or getting your children off to school, then you can eliminate or reduce that stress simply by getting up a few minutes earlier and giving yourself the extra time you need to get where you are going.
  • Ask For Help. In many cases, stress can be avoided simply by asking for help. You don’t have to cook that holiday dinner alone, or try and handle the church yard sale all by yourself. There are normally people willing and able to help you accomplish some of these things, and allowing them to help you reduces your stress and makes them feel good as well.
  • Don’t Over commit. Many people, especially women have a difficult time saying no. However, when you over commit yourself and don’t leave enough time to get everything done you are simply setting yourself up to become stressed. Learning to say no, when you need to is a good first step in learning to eliminate some of the stress from your life.

There are a number of other things you can do to avoid situations you know are going to be stressful. For example, if driving in high traffic areas causes stress, try and avoid those routes, or if possible travel when traffic is lighter.

Other Ways To Reduce Stress

Of course there are times when it is simply not possible to avoid every stressful situation that comes along, so knowing how to reduce the stress you feel can be essential to keeping physically and mentally healthy. Here are some simple ways you can reduce stress.

  • Just Breathe. Often times when at work or in public we can’t simply go take a walk or soak in a hot tub to relieve stress, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find some ways to relieve stress no matter where you are. One easy way to reduce stress is by deep breathing. Simply take deep breaths and let them out slowly. By concentrating on your breathing, you push the stressful situation or thoughts aside, supply your body with oxygen, and relax your muscles and your mind. Just a minute or so of deep breathing can reduce stress levels enough for you to deal with the situation more efficiently and with a more positive attitude.
  • Take a Walk. Any form of exercise is good for relieving stress, but walking is something you can do either inside or out. Even when working in an office, taking a walk to the water cooler and back can help to reduce stress levels, leaving you feeling better. Regular exercise not only helps you to eliminate the stress you are currently feeling, but can actually help you from getting stressed in the first place.
  • Watch a Funny Movie. Laughter is a great stress reducer and finding something to laugh at not only relaxes your muscles, but helps to relieve stress as well. Whether that laughter comes from watching a funny movie or simply by being silly with friends, escaping from your worries through laughter is a great way to reduce stress and keep you healthy.
  • Just Chill Out. Most people who have difficulty dealing with stress have this problem simply because they don’t take enough time for themselves. There is nothing wrong with doing nothing if that helps you to relax and reduces your stress levels. Try taking a long hot bath, reading a good book, or listening to music you enjoy to relieve the day’s tensions. Or better yet, simply sit out in the garden, or lie in hammock and day dream or do nothing at all.

It doesn’t matter what you do to reduce stress, as long as whatever you do makes you feel good and relaxes both your body and mind. When you reduce those stress levels you feel happier, healthier, and can actually increase your efficiency and ability to be productive.





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