All Skin Is Sensitive Skin And Should Be Treated As Such!

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You have all seen those skin care product reviews, and read articles regarding how people with sensitive skin can’t use this or that product because their skin reacts quite violently to certain ingredients in these products causing redness, itching, rashes, and even peeling.

While these types of reactions certainly prove these people’s skin is sensitive to the ingredients that these products contain the simple truth is that everyone’s skin is sensitive whether or not they suffer from rashes or redness.

Those who are blessed with so called sensitive skin are simply more sensitive to chemicals and synthetic ingredients than most people.

If It’s Not Good For Sensitive Skin Then Chances Are It Is Not Good For Your Skin Either.

What you may not know is that if a skin care product is not good for sensitive skin, then chances are it’s not good for your skin either. The same chemicals and synthetic ingredients that cause those rashes, redness, and peeling in those with sensitive skin is more than likely causing damage to your skin as well.

You may not notice the damage these ingredients are causing on a day to day to day basis, but over time, you will begin to notice that your skin may become dry, look dull, and lack the healthy glow that it should have. It may take months to repair the damage to your skin once it is noticed.

Treat Your Skin Like The Sensitive Skin That It Is

This means that before buying any skin care product, you should make sure that the product contains no chemicals or synthetic ingredients of any kind as these ingredients irritate your skin and can cause dryness and even acne breakouts.

The more natural the ingredients the less likely it is that the product will irritate your skin no matter how sensitive it is, unless you have an allergy to a specific natural ingredient.

Moisturizing lotions and cleansers should also contain ingredients that add necessary vitamins and minerals to your skin health as well as ingredients that help to moisturize your skin and then hold that moisture in.

Ingredients such as Avocado oil, Shea butter, Babassu, and Natural vitamin E as well as Manuka honey are all gentle to all skin-types and provide your skin with the anti-bacterial properties and anti-oxidants it needs to remain healthy.

Along with using the right products to protect your skin you also need to eat healthy, get sufficient rest, drink plenty of water, bathe in warm not hot water, and protecting your skin from the elements are important to keeping it healthy and wrinkle free.

Remember, it is better to prevent damage to your skin in the first place than try and repair the damage once it occurs. By taking proper care of your skin daily, eating healthy, getting the right amount of sleep, and using all natural skin care products that are gentle on your skin while providing it with the nutrients it needs is the best way to keep your sensitive skin healthy.


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