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Sagging skin is caused by simple aging and the gaining and losing of weight. Sudden and drastic weight loss can leave behind sagging skin all over your body from under your chin, to arms, stomach, and even your legs and buttocks. While surgery is an option for some people it should be considered only as a last resort as the best way to get rid of that sagging skin is through exercise and the building up of lean muscle.

Small Weight And Resistance Training For Sagging Skin On Your Body

One of the best ways to firm up that sagging skin is to use small weights, resistance bands, and resistance training to build up muscle and firm your overall muscle and skin tone. There are a number of firming exercises on the Internet designed to target certain areas of the body. Keep in mind that while firming up sagging skin this way does take time, if you keep at it the results can be quite astounding.

Building muscle helps to firm up your skin because the muscle is replacing the fat that was once there giving your body more tone and definition and filling up much of the space that was left behind by your loss of fat.

In addition, when you lose weight you also lose some muscle tone as well, so regaining that muscle tone will not only help to tighten your skin but, give you an overall healthier appearance.

Using Skin Firming Creams

There are some really great skin firming creams on the market these days that when combined with muscle toning exercises can help to firm up your skin and help to reduce unsightly stretch marks. When massaged into your skin properly both the cream and the massage helps aid in the toning of your skin which will help to firm up that sagging skin.

For those of you who have the time, using a skin firming cream twice a day along with exercise will help you to see the best results in a shorter amount of time.

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Sagging Facial Skin

While exercise will help to reduce that sagging skin on the rest of your body, it really doesn’t do a lot for that sagging skin on your face. There are neck exercises that are quite effective at reducing that sagging skin beneath your chin but, there are few exercises that work well for that sagging skin on your cheeks and beneath your eyes.

This is where skin firming creams and even home remedies may prove to be helpful.  Using firming creams and a gentle, but effective massage will over time help to firm the skin on the face. For temporary firming for a special night on the town try making a mask from egg whites and olive oil, smoothing it over your face and leaving it until it is completely dry and you can feel it pulling. Wash off with warm water. The drying egg white provides temporary firming of the skin over the forehead and cheekbones making your face look more youthful and firm for a few hours’ time.

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