Omega-3: The One Dietary Supplement Everyone Should Take

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December 13, 2012
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With so many people living on a limited budget today many of us are often put in the difficult position of having to limit our spending even when it comes to something as important as health. We all know how important it is to our jobs, our families, and the quality of our lives to stay as healthy as possible, and that eating healthy, exercise, and rest are all important to achieving those goals.

However, when it comes to taking healthy dietary supplements, it seems that oftentimes budgets only stretch to one or two. So people find themselves asking which dietary supplement will offer the most benefits for their health.

Unless you have specific health concerns that require special medicines or supplements then the answer to that question may be easier than you might think. If you can only afford one dietary supplement to help you maintain your overall health then that supplement should be an Omega-3 Fatty acid supplement.

Of all the dietary supplements on the market today this one offers the most health benefits for the most people. Not only do most people’s diets lack the right amount of omega-3 fats to maintain good health, but these supplements have benefits for our minds, skin, hair, nails, joints, and the rest of our bodies as well. Here are just a few of the health benefits that Omega-3 can offer.

Helps Prevent or Reduce Chronic Inflammation

Studies have linked chronic inflammation in the body to a number of serious health conditions including: diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory bowel syndrome and cancer. By reducing inflammation in the body, you can help reduce your risk for these diseases and improve your health. Studies have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation through out the body thus helping to lower the risk of diseases associated with inflammation.

Helps Lower Triglyceride Levels

High triglyceride levels are linked to the build up of plague in veins and arteries which is one of the causes of heart attack and cardiovascular disease. Omega-3 fish oil has been shown to lower those triglyceride levels, thus reducing the risk of heart disease and having a heart attack.

Improves Concentration And Memory

Studies also show that omega-3 fatty acids help to improve concentration and memory, helps to elevate mood, and may increase serotonin levels (that make you feel good) in the brain. In addition, other studies have shown that omega 3 may help reduce aggressive tendency and are now being used as part of an overall treatment for depression.

Helps You Maintain Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails

Omega-3 supplements have been proven effective in reducing acne flare-ups and improving overall skin health, as well as contributing to shiny hair and healthy nails. This results in you not only feeling healthier, but looking healthier as well.

Omega 3 fatty acids are also helpful in helping to reduce the symptoms of arthritis by reducing inflammation and lubricating the joints and helping people maintain a healthy weight by upping metabolism and reducing insulin levels. In fact, some experts believe that taking omega-3 fish oil supplements before insulin resistance takes place may actually help you reduce your risk of diabetes.

Simply put, no other nutritional supplement does as much for your overall health as omega-3 supplements. So, if you want a dietary supplement that will help you maintain health and can only afford one supplement then choosing an omega-3 fish oil product is your best option.

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