Omega 3 Fish Oil For Kids: How to Ensure that Your Kids Get the Right Amount of Omega 3 For Optimum Health

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Omega 3 Fatty acids are found in every single cell of the body and a large portion of the brain is made up of these fatty acids. Which means that these fatty acids are essential in promoting and maintaining good health in children from the moment they are born, which is why many baby formula’s now include DHA. However, studies show that most children do not get the amount of omega 3 fatty acids they need for proper growth and health. But how do you, as a concerned parent, ensure that your child gets the amount of omega-3’s that he or she needs?

Visit Your Doctor

To begin with, visit your doctor and explain that you are concerned that your child is not getting the right amount of omega 3 fatty acids that they need. Ask him to advise you on what is the right amount of omega-3’s for your child to consume according to his age and general health. Once your doctor has helped you to establish some guidelines then you can set about ensuring that your child get the right amount of omega 3 for kids his age and health.

Fish For Dinner

One way to help ensure that your child gets those all important omega-3 fatty acids is to serve fish for dinner two or three times a week. Salmon, Tuna steaks, cod, or even trout are great choices for fish that your child is likely to eat. Try and make those fish dinners child friendly so that your child will be more likely to eat all their portion of fish.

Omega-3 Supplements

If your child or your family simply does not care for fish then the best way of getting those omega 3’s for your kids is through fish oil supplements. There are a number of companies that make these types of supplements just for kids including chewable tablets and lemon flavored fish oil that can be added to lemonade or other drinks.

However, if your entire family is in need of omega-3 fatty acids your child can take the same supplements as adults do just in smaller doses. Since most supplements require adults to take two or more capsules a day it is often easy to use these same supplements for your child simply by only giving them one or two capsules depending on the recommended dosage for your child. If your child finds that the capsule is too large to swallow you can cut it in half and mix the oil into some of their food.

However, you want to make sure that the supplement you choose to give your child is safe and effective for him. Despite what supplement companies may want you to think, not all supplements are of the quality that you want for your family and especially for children so take the time to find those supplements from those companies that you can truly trust.

When looking for a good fish oil supplement here are some things that you will want to consider:

1.      The purity of the fish oil. The Government has set guidelines for how much of certain contaminants can be contained in fish oil supplements and still be considered safe. You want to make sure that any supplement you give your child meets or exceeds those purity guidelines. The less contaminants in your supplements the better. If the company’s website does not post the laboratory results for their latest batch of fish oil supplement then ask to see it. If they are unwilling to show you those results then you must decide if you trust the company enough to take their word that their fish oil is pure.

2.      Read comments and reviews from other users on their supplements. If the supplement sounds too good to be true it likely is, and if the supplement has a lot of negative feed-back then you want to take that feed back into account.

Remember that when it comes to supplement companies, profit is their main concern.  Some of these companies believe the best way to make that profit is by making the best and healthiest supplements possible while other companies simply are looking to make the fast buck and the highest possible product off each unit sold. Look for those companies who are committed to making quality products so that your child and your whole family will benefit from taking those omega 3 fatty acids.


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    Carol, medical doctors get very little training in nutrition. They are trained to treat symptoms with drugs. For nutritional advice one should visit a nutritionist, naturopath or homeopath.

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