6 Vital Tips On How To Suppress Appetite

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If you have ever tried to diet before, you know one of the biggest hindrances to successfully reaching that weight loss goal is your appetite. The moment you cut down on those calories, your stomach begins to panic and sends out alerts in the form of rumblings, grumblings, and actual pain that say “Feed me! Feed me now!” In order to be successful in reaching your weight loss goal you need to find a way to silence those signals for food and suppress your appetite. Here are some great tips that just may help you to feel less hungry, and therefore be able to consume fewer calories so that you can take off those pounds.

#1. Stay Hydrated

Many times those hunger pangs you feel isn’t hunger at all, but thirst. Instead of reaching for that cookie jar, why not drink a huge refreshing glass of water instead, it just may be what your body is craving. In fact, drinking an 8 ounce glass of water ½ hour before meal time, and another one with your meal, helps fill you up and makes you feel less hungry. Add another glass of water both before and after you exercise and you just may find that your appetite is coming under control.

#2. Breakfast on Protein

Studies suggest that not only can lean protein help to keep you feeling full longer, but when you consume that protein may make a huge difference in those appetite cravings. Starting the day off with some low fat yogurt, and egg white omelet, or even a piece of baked fish will help you to keep that appetite under control and keep you feeling full for the entire morning.

#3. Why Not Light A Candle

As strange as it sounds researchers have discovered that certain food smells can actually trick your brain into thinking you have just eaten and your brain then signals to your body that it is sated. Many of the food aromas that suppress appetite are actually popular candle scents; hence lighting a candle near where you are working may help stave off those hunger pangs. The best aromatic candles to buy are: peppermint, grapefruit, lemon, vanilla (cuts cravings for chocolates and other sweets too), green apple and banana.

#4. An Apple a Day may Help Flush the Pounds Away!

Studies done on obese women showed that women who ate one small apple or pear along with a low calorie diet felt more satisfied for longer and actually lost significantly more weight. Choosing to eat an apple or pear for a snack or ½ an hour before meals with a glass of water can help you to feel full and consume less calories at meal time.

#5. Exercise

Studies have shown that an hour of high intensity exercise a day can reduce appetite for as much as two hours once the exercise is completed. The real benefit here is that you will be burning calories while working to suppress your appetite. So even if exercising doesn’t reduce your hunger pangs, you still have moved forward towards your weight loss goal because you would have burnt some calories.

#6. Supplements

There are many supplements on the market that can help to control your appetite. Fish oil supplements may raise serotonin levels, which can improve mood and readjust your appetite. Bee pollen helps to rebalance your digestive system which can result in you feeling less hungry.

Once your body adjusts to the consumption of fewer calories your appetite should begin to return to normal levels in the meantime, trying a few tricks to keep those hunger pangs at bay just may help you stay the course and take off those pounds.




  1. Fennyl says:

    Great post! Might just chip in some tips.

    Avoid “white” food such as bread, flour, rice, pizza and pastas.
    Avoid wheat based food even if it said whole wheat or gluten free, they are just made up of high carbs ingredient such as starch.
    Avoid soda drinks or what they called no calories drinks, mineral water is the best water for your body. Drink at least half your weight everyday, 300 lbs you drink 150 oz.

    Whereas good natural appetite suppressant, pure honey is good for increasing serotonin level which stops you from cravings, but if you still want to eat, flax seed is a good option for snacks.

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