Your Digestive System May Not Be As Healthy As You Think

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December 5, 2012

Most people don’t give a thought to their digestive system or its health. Unfortunately, that could be a huge mistake as most people’s digestive system is not as healthy as they might think. Constipation, diarrhea, gas, and bloating are all signs that your digestive system is not working as well as it is meant to work. Here are some of the causes of poor digestive health.

Poor Eating Habits

With busy lifestyles most people don’t take the time to eat properly, but rather rush through meals wolfing down their food, so they can get on with other tasks. In addition, many people eat too much at one sitting resulting in gas, bloating and the uncomfortable full feeling. Choosing to eat smaller portions at a sitting and taking the time to properly chew your food before swallowing will help your digestive system to digest the food you do eat properly with less difficulty. Taking the time to actually taste your food can result in your enjoying the meal more and less problems with your digestive system.

Lack of Digestive Enzymes

Some people simply lack enough digestive enzymes to properly digest their food. When there are not enough of the necessary enzymes released by your pancreas to properly digest foods, you stand the chance of having large food particles blog the intestine causing constipation. In addition, undigested food that remains in the digestive tract can ferment causing a number of problems such as inflammation that can narrow the intestinal walls making it even more difficult for food to pass through your system.

Food Sensitivities

Many people have sensitivities to certain food and don’t even know it. Eating foods that cause food sensitivities can disrupt the proper function of your digest tract and cause stomach upset and even irritability. Some of the more common food sensitivities include sensitivities to spicy foods, lactic acid, and gluten.

Lack of Healthy Bacteria

One of the main causes of poor digestive health is the lack of healthy bacteria known as probiotics in your digestive system. There are a number of things that reduce the healthy bacteria in your system such as certain medications, anti-biotics, colon cleansing products, and even certain illnesses. When the healthy bacteria die off or are weakened, the harmful bacteria take over and can cause a variety of health problems including the inability to absorb the nutrients your body needs, constipation, gas, bloating, and even yeast infections.

Poor digestive health can affect your overall health in a number of ways. First, if your digestive system in unable to break down the food you eat properly then your body won’t get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs for your other organs and your immune system to function properly. In addition, it is believed that some incidents of cancer begin with poor digestive health which can cause bodily inflammation.

In some cases, all your digestive system needs is to strengthen the good bacteria in your body. In other cases medical intervention may be necessary to solve the problem. The first step in improving your digestive health is get a thorough check up from your doctor before deciding what steps are necessary to improve your digestive and overall health.


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