Bio Oil Review – Does It Work for Scars And Stretch Marks?

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November 7, 2013
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Bio Oil Review

An Independent Review of Bio Oil!

Scars and stretch marks are unsightly and could make us look and feel unattractive. So we are always looking for effective solutions for these two skin problems.

There are a lot of treatments and remedies out there promising to get rid of scars and stretch marks, however, most of them are pure scam.

So in this detailed and unbiased review, we are going to find out if Bio Oil really works for scars and stretch marks.

What is Bio Oil and What are the Ingredients?

Bio-Oil Liquid Purcellin Oil, 6.76 Fl OzBio-Oil Liquid Purcellin Oil, 6.76 Fl OzBio Oil is the brain child of Dieter Beiera German cosmetic scientist.

It was developed in 1986 as a result of his quest to find a product that will keep moisture and vitamins (nourishment) inside the skin, while shutting out oxygen.

Added to its function as a moisturizer, the manufacturers of Bio Oil claim that it also treats scars and evens out skin tone for a more radiant looking skin.

One of the ingredients in Bio Oil is PurCellin oil. This is a manufactured version (it was actually created by Beier)  of the preen oil  naturally found in ducks, which helps to keep their feathers waterproof and help them swim effectively.

PureCellin helps to improve the absorbability of the other ingredients in Bio Oil as well as the spreadability of the product on the skin.

The other ingredients contained in this product include:

  • Vitamins A and E
  • Lavender
  • Calendula
  • Rosemary oil and
  • Chamomile

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Clinical Study

The clinical study on Bio Oil was conducted in 2005 by Photobiology Laboratory of the Medical University of South Africa.

24 participants were told to use Bio Oil twice daily on their scars and 65% of these participants noticed a remarkable improvement in the appearance of their scars within 2 weeks.

So back to our question – Does Bio Oil Work? We are going to answer this question in sections, first we will talk about its effectiveness for scars, then for stretch marks.

Does Bio Oil Work for Scars?

A lot of people have been asking this question all over the internet. Good news is, the majority of user reviews state that Bio Oil was really effective at getting rid of their scars.

One of the testimonials was from a women who had a scar that ran down her breast bone – she claims that the scar is now barely visible, thanks to this unique oil.

Other Bio Oil testimonials  include, removal of scars caused by oil burn, chicken pox scars, scars on legs, bruise scars on face and cleft lip scar among many others.

Having said that, does Bio Oil work for acne scars too? According to user reviews, it does – most of the users said it worked well in reducing the appearance of their acne scars.

It is important to note that Bio Oil should not be used on broken skin or fresh scar. So make sure that your scar is totally healed before using this product on it.

How Well Does Bio Oil Work on Stretch Marks

It is interesting to know that Bio Oil also works well for stretch marks. However, users claim that it is more effective on scars than stretch marks.

It also works better in preventing stretch marks and in fading newly formed stretch marks than in getting rid of old ones.

Most of the pregnant women who used this product from the onset of their pregnancy noticed that it effectively helped prevent the formation of stretch marks.

So, for pregnant women, the earlier you start using it, the better  result you will get if you really want to keep those unsightly stretch marks at bay.

Other Benefits

  • Even skin tone
  • Moisturizes the skin, making it supple and smooth
  • Even though it does not contain any active anti-aging ingredient, it can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Any Down Side?

Some people find this oil very heavy and it could cause breakout in those that have sensitive skin. It also takes a long time to work for some people – so you need to be patient and give it time to work.

There are also reports that it didn’t work for some users.

I also don’t like the fact that it contains mineral oil, which is a by-product of petroleum.

How to Use Bio Oil

It is recommended that you massage this oil into the affected are twice daily. You can use it on damp skin immediately after shower or on dry skin. Some users also say they add it to their bath water and it makes their skin feel great afterwards.

Where to Buy Bio Oil

You can purchase this product at drug stores such as Walgreens and Target. You can also find it on several online stores like Ebay and Amazon.


Based on the clinical study and user reviews, it seems that Bio Oil may work for scars and stretch marks.

However, bear in mind that it is not a “miracle portion” so you need to give it time to work. Another thing you need to  bear in mind it that everyone is different, so it may work differently for different individuals.

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Bio Oil Review

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